Volunteer Opportunities on City Boards and Commissions

The Yakima City Council is seeking volunteers interested in serving on the City of Yakima Planning Commission, Community Review Board, Historic Preservation and the Board of Appeals. Each has one vacancy.

There are seven members of the Planning Commission, all of whom serve four-year terms and must live within Yakima city limits or own a business or real property within city limits. The Planning Commission meets twice monthly and works on long range planning issues within city limits.

There is no residency requirement for the opening on the Community Review Board, but the positions must represent different aspects of the public as a whole.  Currently there is a vacancy on the board that must be filled by a representative of the healthcare community. The board has seven members who serve three-year terms. The Community Review Board is responsible for conducting administrative hearings and rendering decisions based upon written findings and do all things necessary and proper to carry out and enforce Chapter 11.10 of the Yakima Municipal Code. The board holds meetings twice per month, but may also conduct additional meetings as needed.

There are seven members of the Historic Preservation Commission, all of whom serve four-year terms and must live within Yakima city limits. The commission meets monthly and provides for the identification, evaluation, designation, and protection of designated historic and prehistoric resources within the boundaries of the City of Yakima and preserves and rehabilitates eligible historic properties for future generations. The commission shall include at least three professionals who have experience in identifying, evaluating, and protecting historic resources and are selected from among the disciplines of history, architecture, architectural history, landscape architecture, historic preservation, planning, folklore, cultural anthropology, prehistoric and historic archaeology, American studies, curation, traditional building crafts, the practice of historic rehabilitation or restoration, finance and banking, law, real estate, or related disciplines.

There are seven members on the Board of Appeals who serve three-year terms. The Board of Appeals members are qualified by experience and training to evaluate appeals pertaining to building construction.  The board currently requires a mechanical contractor or a developer.

Anyone interested in applying for openings can download an application from the City of Yakima website – https://www.yakimawa.gov/council/assets/Application-form-for-City-of-Yakima-Boards-and-Commissions.pdf – or can pick up an application at the City Clerk’s office at Yakima City Hall.

For more information about current or future openings on City of Yakima boards, committees, or commissions, contact City Clerk Sonya Claar Tee by phone (575-6037) or by e-mail


Applicants Sought for Boards, Committees, and Commissions – News Release