Wastewater Pipeline Projects Preparing Yakima for Development

Contact: Wastewater Manager Scott Schafer – 249-6815
Community Relations Manager Randy Beehler – 901-1142 – randy.beehler@yakimawa.gov

Two major projects are underway that will significantly expand the City of Yakima’s capacity to process wastewater from current and future customers.  The projects, which are expected to be completed by late spring or early summer, are key to not only meeting existing demand on the City’s wastewater system, but have also been designed to prepare key industrial areas of Yakima for continued economic development.

Pipe of Washington, Inc., a construction firm based in Pasco, is the primary contractor for the $609,000 “Beech Street Area Sewer Project”, which involves installing a 36-inch wastewater pipe along the west side of I-82 between the Nob Hill Boulevard and Yakima Avenue exits and a

12-inch pipe along Beech Street between Chalmers Street and 15th Street.  Additionally, an existing pump lift station will be replaced as part of the project in order to accommodate a gravity flow line, which will reduce long-term maintenance costs.  Once it’s completed, the project will open areas in the northeastern section of Yakima to new development while also enhancing service to existing customers there.  The Beech Street project is being paid for with money from the City’s Wastewater Division capital improvement fund.

The “Industrial Wastewater Line Extension Project” involves installing high-capacity piping to serve a variety of current customers as well as to meet future industrial demand, particularly that associated with the beverage and food processing industries.  TTC Construction, LLC, a Yakima-based contracting firm, is overseeing the $1.2 million project.  The new industrial wastewater line will run from about Quince Street and 3rd Avenue to as far west as 23rd Avenue and River Road.  Separate sections of the project will also improve capacity in the Front Street and H Street area and the 2nd Avenue and Pine Street area.  Once completed, the project will provide upgraded service to several existing businesses such as Del Monte, Jewel Fruit, and Seneca.  The new line will also offer ready infrastructure for businesses looking to expand or build new facilities in Yakima.  The primary funding source for the project is a low-interest loan from the Washington State Public Works Trust Fund.

“Not a lot of people think of wastewater lines as being important to economic development,” said Yakima Wastewater Manager Scott Schafer.  “But the food processing and beverage industries require significant wastewater capacity and treatment.  Having the infrastructure in place to accommodate the needs of wineries, breweries, fruit processors, etc. makes Yakima very attractive to those kinds of businesses.  That’s the driving force behind these projects,” said Schafer.

During the projects, traffic will be impacted from time to time.  The City will provide project updates and traffic advisories through regular news releases posted on its website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed.  A page on the City’s website – https://www.yakimawa.gov/iwep/ – also will provide project updates and a map showing traffic impacts on an ongoing basis.