Weed Control Project to Close Randall Park Dog Park for Two Days

The Randall Park Dog Park will be closed for a couple of days while a project is underway to control weeds at the 1.6 acre off-leash park.

The Randall Park Dog Park will be closed from 6:00 am on Monday, July 6th to noon on Wednesday, July 8th while the area is sprayed in an effort to reduce the growth of various undesirable weeds. No animals or people will be allowed in the dog park while the weed control project is underway. Gates to the park will be locked during the closure and signs will be in place explaining the weed control project.

“The Randall Park Dog Park has become incredibly popular since it opened late last year,” said Yakima Parks & Recreation Manager Ken Wilkinson. “The park has been a wonderful addition to Yakima. We are doing what we need to do to be sure the park is maintained properly and that it is as safe of an environment as possible for both dogs and people. The weed control project is just part of that ongoing process,” said Wilkinson.

The Randall Park Dog Park is located south of Wide Hollow Creek and east of 48th Avenue. It was the brainchild of a group of dog lovers who helped design the park and raised money for its construction. It opened in early December of 2014.

For more information about the Randall Park Dog Park, contact Ken Wilkinson at 576-6416.

Randall Park Weed Control Project – News Release