Yakima Police Investigating Explosions

The Yakima Police Department in association with other agencies are investigating a series of explosions in the central area of town, occurring around 2230-2300 hrs.  Officers then responded to a large fire of a bush in the 1100 block of W. Chestnut.  This fire was put out by fire personnel.

In checking the nearby area, officers located a device that appeared similar in nature to the residue and remnants of the blast that caused the fire in the bushes.  This device was still intact and described as a small plastic water bottle tightly wrapped with electrical tape and wrapped in bubble-wrap.  The location was evacuated of nearby apartment residents and taped off for security.  Explosive Devise Experts from the Tri-Cities and Walla Walla responded to the scene and assisted Yakima Police in retrieving the device safely with the use of a remote controlled vehicle.  The device was safely detonated with no injuries to property or persons resulting.

Citizens of Yakima are asked to be cautious and vigilant for suspicious looking items as described above.  If something matching this description is found, do not touch it, but clear the area and notify 911 immediately.

The investigation into this matter continues.  Anyone with information regarding this incident and person(s) responsible is strongly urged to contact the Yakima Police Department.

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Yakima Police Investigating Explosions – News Release