Yakima Transit Again Providing Free Shuttle Bus Service to the Fair

Yakima Transit will once again be providing free shuttle bus service to the Central Washington State Fair all ten days of the fair.  Shuttle buses will run continuously from the Park and Ride location at Gateway Center (home to Target, Big Lots!, and other stores).  Shuttle buses will load passengers at the Yakima Transit bus stop located north of the former Office Max and take them directly to the front gates of the fair.

“This year’s shuttle service is being operated the same as previous years,” said Yakima Transit Manager Alvie Maxey.  “Yakima Transit has been providing free shuttle bus service to the fair for several years.  It has been successful and people have come to rely on it,” said Maxey.  “Shuttle buses will begin operating a half-an-hour before the fair opens each day and will stop running a half-an-hour after the fair closes each night.  The Yakima Transit shuttle bus really is the best way to get to and from the fair,” said Maxey.

All regular Yakima Transit bus routes and schedules will operate normally throughout the fair with standard fares being charged.  The #6 Fair Ave./No. 4st St. route also serves the fairgrounds at least hourly from the Downtown Transit Center until 6:25 pm.

Yakima Transit Free Fair Shuttle Bus Service Hours by Day

  First Departure From Gateway Center
  Last Departure from Fairgrounds
Friday, September 23 10:00 am 11:30 pm
Saturday, September 24 10:30 am 11:30 pm
Sunday, September 25 10:30 am 10:30 pm
Monday, September 26 10:30 am 10:30 pm
Tuesday, September 27 10:30 am 10:30 pm
Wednesday, September 28 10:30 am 10:30 pm
Thursday, September 29 10:30 am 10:30 pm
Friday, September 30 10:30 am 11:30 pm
Saturday, October 1 10:30 am 11:30 pm
Sunday, October 2 10:30 am 9:30 pm

Yakima Transit Fair Shuttle Bus Service – News Release