Yard Waste Collection Start Date Delayed Until April 3rd

Yard waste collection in the City of Yakima will begin about a month later than usual due the effects of a long winter season that has featured more snow, ice, and cold temperatures than normal.

Typically, yard waste collection starts on March 1st.  This year, however, City Refuse Division crews won’t begin picking up yard waste until Monday, April 3rd.

“The winter weather has delayed maintenance work that we need to complete on our trucks in order to prepare for yard waste collection,” said Solid Waste and Recycling Manager Loretta Zammarchi.  “A longer-than-normal winter is also delaying the need for yard waste collection.  Hopefully customers will experience little if any inconvenience as a result of the April 3rd start date,” said Zammarchi.

Because of the delayed start date, customers who subscribe to the City’s yard waste service will not be charged a fee for March.

For more information about the delayed start of yard waste collection this year, contact the City of Yakima Refuse Division at 575-6005.

Yard Waste Collection Start Date Delayed – News Release