City Strongly Urges People Follow Stay at Home Orders

The City of Yakima is strongly urging community members to follow the Stay at Home orders that have been issued by both Washington State Governor Jay Inslee and the Yakima Health District. 

“The most potent defense against COVID-19 currently available is limiting interaction with other people,” said Yakima Mayor Patricia Byers.  “It is the responsibility of each of us to do our part, follow the orders from the Health District and Governor Inslee, and help ‘flatten the curve’ of COVID-19 transmissions so that our healthcare facilities are not overwhelmed.  For now, we all need to adopt the mantra, ‘Stay Home-Stay Healthy’,” said Byers.

The orders are not Shelter in Place orders.  Under the Stay at Home orders, people are allowed to leave home to buy groceries, gas, medicine and other necessary supplies.  The food supply remains strong, and overbuying food or other supplies now may negatively affect the ability of other people to get food and other supplies when they need them.

Enforcement of the orders is primarily the responsibility of the Yakima Health District and state public health officials.

While City-owned facilities have been closed to public access, the City is continuing to provide all services.  Community members are encouraged to look at the City’s website to find online, telephone, and other available options to conduct business with the City during the COVID-19 emergency.

“The water supply is at full strength, the wastewater system is operating normally, and the fire department and police department are continuing to respond to incidents as usual,” said Interim City Manager Alex Meyerhoff.  “The City’s finances are stable.  The City is coordinating its efforts with those of other agencies to ensure City services continue to be provided uninterrupted,” said Meyerhoff.

A variety of community services that are available from local non-profits and other organizations can be accessed by calling 2-1-1.

“This is certainly a challenging time,” said Byers.  “But it’s also a time to be kind to one another, look after one another, and do all we can as individuals and a community to meet the challenge.”     

Additional information will be provided regarding the City’s response to the COVID-19 emergency as necessary.