Reservoir Repair and Improvement Project Begins

A project to repair and improve the 1st Level Reservoir will begin Monday, November 14th. The reservoir is on the southeast corner of North 40th Avenue and Englewood Avenue.

Repairs will be made to concrete surfaces and seams throughout the reservoir, as well as replacement of existing interior piping and valves. The project also includes improvements to access and ventilation of the reservoir. Combined Construction, Inc. of Mukilteo will begin mobilization on Monday.

The 50-year-old, six-million-gallon concrete reservoir has experienced some minor leakage in recent years, as well as deteriorating piping and fixtures within the reservoir.

Work is expected to be completed by early March 2023. Anticipated project work hours are Monday through Thursday, 6:30 am to 5:00 pm. As always, the schedule for this type of project is subject to change daily depending on weather, equipment failure, and emergencies.

While there will be no traffic impacts for much of the project, there will be some traffic control required in late February/early March for landscaping work along Englewood Avenue behind the sidewalk. The City of Yakima will provide updates online and via its social media platforms when traffic impacts are required for the project.

Drivers are reminded that the speed limit through all traffic-related work zones within the City of Yakima is 20 miles-per-hour.

Contact Water/Irrigation Engineer Mike Shane at 509-576-6480 for more about the project.