Triumph Actuation Systems Employees Help Spruce Up Randall Park

More than 100 employees from Triumph Actuation Systems – Yakima are expected to blanket Randall Park on Wednesday, September 30th to plant about 400 small trees and shrubs and 30 larger trees. Triumph Actuation systems Yakima has awarded the Yakima Parks and Recreation Division with a grant that will cover the cost of the shrubs and trees that will be planted by the volunteers. The plantings are part of an ongoing effort to update and improve Randall Park, one of the most used parks in Yakima.

The Triumph Actuation Systems – Yakima employees will be working at Randall Park from 9:00 am until about noon on September 30th. Katrina Strathmann from the Mid-Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group and Yakima Parks & Recreation staff will be assisting the volunteers.

“We are so grateful for the tremendous amount of help that the Triumph employees are going to provide,” said Yakima Parks & Recreation Manager Ken Wilkinson. “It’s no exaggeration to say that there would be no way to get this planting project done as quickly and efficiently if it weren’t for their help. Triumph Actuation Systems – Yakima is truly committed to our community and being part of this project is one way its employees are demonstrating that,” said Wilkinson.

Triumph Actuation Systems – Yakima, best known locally as Dowty Decoto, has a rich history and over the years has become a premiere manufacturer of hydraulic components for the aerospace industry. The company led the way in bringing high technology to the Yakima Valley in the 1940s, which brought with it new career opportunities. Today, Triumph Actuation Systems – Yakima support many military programs and is proud of its partnerships with Boeing (787 Dreamliner) and Airbus (A380).

Randall Park, which covers more than 40 acres south of Nob Hill Boulevard between 44th Avenue and 48th Avenue, is in the midst of a more than $1 million makeover. A recently approved $500,000 grant from the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program is being combined with more than $600,000 in local donations and matching funds to address several significant issues at the park.

Triumph Volunteers Plant Trees at Randall – News Release