Yakima Airport to Receive Training Center Troops

Approximately 435 troops will arrive at Yakima Air Terminal-McAllister Field this Sunday, June 9th, to support the Yakima Training Center.

Three chartered airline flights carrying the troops will arrive at the airport on June 9th. The flights will arrive at 9:25 am, 2:20 pm and 5:25 pm.

The aircraft will park at McCormick Air Center, which offers fixed-base operator services needed to offload the troops and their supplies. Buses will pick them up and transport them to the training center.

“It is an honor for Yakima Air Terminal-McAllister Field to serve our troops,” said Yakima Airport Director Rob Peterson. “We welcome their arrival and appreciate their service to our country.”

For more information about the training center troop flights, please contact Peterson at rob.peterson@yakimaairterminal.com

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